Bold Prediction No. 1:
New England quarterback Tom Brady has spoken with his dermatologist and was advised by Dr. Maakpretti that the cool, moist Seattle air is good for his dry skin. Therefore, Tom Terrific will not be wearing make-up during the game, but he will find Welker, Hernandez and "Gronk" in the end-zone - three passing TD's against a very strong Seattle pass defense. Can we get Tom's PA to pick up some Chinook salmon and a case of that fine Oregon Red?

Bold Prediction No. 2:
Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson will enjoy his greatest day as a pro (albeit he has only played in five games so that's not saying much). I guess that's not really bold. He will have two passing touchdowns (one to wide receiver Golden Tate) and another rushing the ball for a total of three scores. I know that's not real bold but he is learning a new system and other than running back Marshawn Lynch (aka Mr. Skittles) and Golden Tate, the talent cupboard is bare on the offensive side.

Bold Prediction No. 3:
The Patriots run defense will limit Mr. Skittles to 100 yards total and 1 touchdown. The Patriots pass defense will give up yardage between the 20's but tighten up in the red-zone, thus resulting in a 35-28 Patriots victory. The end result is that Tom Terrific will show young pup Wilson how you run a high powered offensive scheme with virtually some unknown talent showing up and becoming the next hero in a line of heroes in metro Boston.