I'll just come out and say it: there is no way I can stop at four. Patriot greats go all the way back to the days of the Boston Patriots and guys like Ron Hall, Bob Dee, and Jim Hunt.

So I have broken this task into two parts: Early Rushmore and Modern Rushmore. The latter period starts with the purchase of the team by Robert Kraft.

Even broadening this project to eight Patriot greats was a difficult and painful process. Many awesome players could not make the final cut. I wanted to include Ty Law, Andre Tippett, Mike Vrabel, John Morris, Steve Grogan, Jim Nance and on and on...

What I camed up with may not be exactly what others have chosen, but I believe that these few represent The Patriot Way. I humbly give you the Rushmore of both the early days and the modern era.