TannehillIts getting tense in the AFC playoff race. This game features the 10-3 New England Patriots, who are trying to secure a first round bye; and the 7-6 Miami Dolphins coming off a huge win against the Pittsburgh Steelers look to try and sneak into the final wild card spot.

The Patriots were lucky to win last week against the Cleveland Browns after an extremely suspicious pass interference call went their way, but the loss of Rob Gronkowski to a grim ACL and MCL injury will definitely hurt the Patriots going into January.

But lets worry about that when we are actually in January, for now here are some bold predictions for week 15's game.

No. 1: Ryan Tannehill will finish with more passing yards than Tom Brady.

Tannehill only has one less touchdown pass this season than Brady. This is due to a number of things, firstly Tannehill is having a good season, his 20 touchdown passes are eight more than he managed all last season and his completion percentage is up by nearly four percent on last year's total.

Brady has been without and is now again without his main receiver in the shape of Gronkowski, and when these two teams met in Week 8 Brady was held to only 116 yards, who says the Dolphins can't do that again? 

No. 2: Brady will be sacked five times.

The Dolphins are fifth in the league in total sacks with a total of 40 so far. With Brady having to look elsewhere for his receivers rather than just tossing it up to Gronk and letting him do the work, the Dolphins' pass rush will be putting pressure on all day and forcing the mistakes.

But now I've said that Brady will probably drop 40 points on them.

No. 3: If the Dolphins win this they WILL make the playoffs.

This is the last tough game for the Dolphins, they face the Buffalo Bills next week and then finish the season at home to the New York Jets, at worst the Dolphins finish the season at 9-7. Their main contenders are the Baltimore Ravens who play the Detroit Lions this week, Patriots next week and finish the year against the Cincinnati Bengals, I can't see the Ravens winning any of those giving the Dolphins the final wild card spot in the AFC.

My prediction for the game: 13-10 Patriots. It will be ugly but the Patriots will be just good enough to survive Miami.