The New England Patriots boast one of the most passionate fanbases in the NFL. People are starting to question if they win again under the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady regime?

The Patriots are always competitive and seem to always be in the Super Bowl or very close to the big game. But it seems like their best days might just be behind them. Their last Super Bowl championship was in 2004.

The last few years that they have been in the Super Bowl with their match-ups against the New York Giants, they had chances to win but key plays weren’t executed and didn’t go as planned and there were some dropped passes that former Patriot Wes Welker contributed to.

Last season New England was the favorite to win it all but they seemed to wet the bed in the AFC title game against the eventual Super Bowl champ Ravens. Baltimore picked them apart and didn’t give Tom Brady any kind of breathing room. Brady is a player that we’re so use to handling pressure but maybe time is running out for the organization.

There are many Patriot haters out there that just can’t stand the team but I’m a person that is neutral and love the game of football and greatness. This is a great team that will keep getting into the playoffs and most likely win their division but a Super Bowl is a Super Bowl.

With all of Coach Bill Belichick schemes I just wonder if teams are still intimidated by them anymore. With the addition of quarterback Peyton Manning in Denver, they are making noise in the AFC and they want the title just as badly.

Do you think that the New England Patriots will win another Super Bowl while Tom Brady is the quarterback?