New England Patriots: Five Reasons They Will Go To The Super Bowl

By Doug Tozier
November 24, 2012 10:14 am
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The New England Patriots didn't start the 2012 season with much of a bang. For many, losses to the Ravens, Cardinals, and Seahawks looked to show the weaknesses of a team on its way down in the power rankings.

To make matters worse, the defense appeared just as suspect as 2011, casting more doubt on their ability to compete against the best teams in the AFC.

With Peyton Manning dispelling all doubts in Denver and Matt Schaub leading the way in Houston, the AFC power rankings were shaping up much differently than in recent years.

But the Patriots took a significant turn after going 3-3 in a seemingly mediocre AFC East division. Now they appear poised to make the customary run into and through the postseason.

Here are five reasons the Patriots will surprise the competition and represent once more in the Super Bowl.

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
As long as Bill keeps the TEAM focused...they just might get that Giant monkey off their collective backs that they put there themselves... But they sure do look good, thus far, on the road to the Championship...stay focused, just stay focused...
2 years ago

That's Bill's specialty. The D is even more key than the O IMO. Brady will find guys to catch the ball and we know the run game is on fire.
2 years ago
I think at some point a team with a good defense is going to take advantage of the loss of Gronkowski and that will hurt them, like it did in last year's super bowl when he was clearly far from 100%. When that happens it's going to be the defense that decides whether this team is championship calibur or not.
2 years ago

D is the key. Protection has been good and the rest of the offense is kickin butt! It's gellin'.
2 years ago
It would be great to see Bill and Brady get another ring together. I definitely feel like they are the team to beat right now in the AFC. Houston has looked the part, with back-to-back overtime wins, but then again they gave up over 300 yards to Chad Henne and over 400 yards to Matthew Stafford in those games. I guess we will see just how good they are in week 13 when they travel up to Foxboro.
Could be a possible Manning v. Brady championship game. Denver and Baltimore are the only other two teams that will challenge them in playoffs.
2 years ago

Manning Brady would be a great rematch. I could see that happening very easily. With a good push the rest of the way, the Pats could earn a bye. Broncos would have to win in the first round. My biggest concern is week 14.

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