By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts' AFC East Overlord

The last time the Patriots were under .500 the only Kardashian we knew about was the lawyer sitting behind O.J. Simpson during his murder trial. The Jets look worse than the Patriots but they managed to squeak out a win against the Dolphins. And the Bills are quietly gaining momentum in the background.

Here are Five Things We Learned about the AFC East in Week 3:

1. Pats can't hold off Ravens in a thriller. (Ravens 31 - Patriots 30)

Records and streaks were meant to be broken. Last week the Patriots home opener streak was broken by a loss to the Cardinals. Sunday night they went down in a street fight to the Baltimore Ravens and slip below .500 for the first time since 2003. 

Once again Tom Brady racked up the yards but threw only one touchdown. The Ravens No. 10 ranked Defensive Passer Rating bent but did not break in the end, as it made life difficult for Brady. Ravens running back Ray Rice helped balance the Baltimore attack with 101 yards and a touchdown.

The Ravens No. five ranked Defensive Hog Index did their job holding the Patriots to 77 yards with 2.3 YPA. The Patriots did have two rushing touchdowns which made up for the lack of scoring in the passing game. In the end they fell short. 

2. The Jets need OT to beat the Dolphins (Jets 23 - Dolphins 20 OT)

In a sloppy, ugly game the Jets prevailed over the Miami Dolphins. The Jets number 11 ranking in our Offensive Hog Index took a hit today with a poor rushing effort. The Jets produced only 88 yards as a team on the ground. The high man was Bilal Powell with a malnutritioned 45 yards, followed by Shonne Greene with 40 yards on the day.

With very little help from his receivers, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez completed 21 of his 45 passes. Several of his incompletions were due to his receivers dropping the ball. He eventually threw for 300 yards but had two interceptions to one touchdown.

They are lucky that Miami running back Reggie Bush left the game early with a knee injury or they may not have survived. 

3. Buffalo overcomes the Browns (Bills 24 - Browns 14)

We wondered if the whuppin' the Jets put on the Bills in week one was a fluke. And its starting to look like it might have been. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has picked up his game since that first game. He threw for 208 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. 

Fitzpatrick was able to maintain his number 10 Real Quarterback Rating with the help of the the number one running game in our Quality Stats. Even though running back C.J. Spiller was hurt early in the game, Tashard Choice took over with 91 yards of his own. The Bills controlled the game with a total of 138 yards on the ground.

4. It's time to put the wildcat to sleep.

For the third week in a row, Tim Tebow and the wildcat offense did nothing but waste time and downs. It's time to rename it the "wild-crap". Tebow netted zero yards today on about a half dozen wild-crap plays. On one particularly embarrassing play, Sanchez threw him a pass in the left flat and it bounced off his helmet. 


Just admit for once that your plan is bombing. It would be in the team's best interest. Putting Sanchez in second-and-16 against the 49ers and Texans in the next couple of weeks will not end well. You're probably going to lose anyway with your sputtering offense (except for Santonio Holmes today), but lose with some dignity.

5. Now that the smoke has cleared . . .

 . . . The Jets finally have a good excuse for why they will stink this year. The Norse God of cornerbacks, Darrelle Revis, might be lost for the rest of the season with an ACL tear. It just might save Rex's job.

 . . . After a decade of winning, the Patriots probably are not hitting the panic button. However, perhaps they should. The party has to come to an end sometime. And this might be the time.

They have the Bills next week. If they lose three in a row, break glass and sound the alarm.

 . . . Those of you who remember pre-concussion football might be experiencing some nostalgia thanks to the incompetence of the replacement referees. It will be sad to see them go when the NFL and the regulars refs kiss and make-up. Watching men play like men, can make a grown man cry.