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No. 1     Touchdown to Who?

E.J. ManuelIt’s no secret that if the Patriots are going to be successful this season then some of the young guys are going to have to make big plays every week.  Zack Sudfeld and Kenbrell Thompkins will both begin their NFL careers in grand style this Sunday.  Between the two of them they will tally three scores and rack up some major yardage.  A lot of people are high on Danny Amendola and while he will be a factor, Sudfeld and Thompkins will be the Patriot stars, along with Tom Brady, on Sunday.


No. 2      Florida State Fans Will Be Proud…

E.J. Manuel is being thrown in to the fire from the start and he seems to be ready.  Having beat out Kevin Kolb for the starting job and already overcoming an injury, Manuel has shown his toughness both physically and mentally.  While it would be nice for him to have a few more weapons, C.J. Spiller and Stevie Johnson, along with the other skill players will provide Manuel with options that he should be able to capitalize on.  Don’t forget about Manuel’s running ability, which will get him in the end zone at least once this Sunday.  We’re going to see a quarterback much like that of Cam Newton, although I don’t think Manuel will have the same type of game that Newton had in his first game as a rookie.


No. 3     …But Clemson Fans Will Be Really Proud

This guy scares me, for both good and bad reasons.  Spiller has shown that he can be one of the elite running backs in the NFL.  He has the skills and the speed to be a top five running back this year and it will start on Sunday.  The Bills have already said that they are going to give him the ball until he throws up and that should pay dividends nicely this week.  But that should also be cause for concern for Bills fans.  As good as he is, Spiller can’t win games on his own.  He’s a smaller running back who will get beat up, especially if defenses decide to key in on him on every play and make Manuel beat them with the pass.  I do think that Spiller will deal with some type of injury this season that will cause him to miss some time, but it won’t happen this Sunday.  Spiller will rack up 100+ yards and two touchdowns.