The New England Patriots finally have a running game. It has been a long time, since Corey Dillon revitalized his career in a Patriot uniform, that New England fans have waited and hoped for a backfield that could truly complement their prolific passing attack.

The backfields haven't been a total bust, with Lawrence Maroney providing decent yardage in three out of four of his campaigns, but never even approaching 1000 yards; and "The Law Firm" did have one 1000+ rushing season before dropping severely in 2011.

But now these guys are a distant memory, as several young backs have emerged to fill the void. And with Jeff Demps traded to Tampa Bay, and Danny Woodhead departed to San Diego, it is more important than ever that the production of the backfield from last year carry forward to 2013.

There is reason to be excited at the possibilities that Belichick will be able to throw onto the field each and every week.