One thing is for sure, Bill Belichick knows how to coach up his team for a tough game each and every week. It's a given that he has football on the brain and is one of the few active living legends of the game.

In interviews this week, Belichick commented about the challenges the team will face as they travel to the west coast to face off against NFC West foe, Seattle for a week 6 battle that pits both teams sporting a 3-2 record and close divisional races as well.

Aside from the long trip that awaits the Patriots after practice on Friday, Century Link Field awaits their arrival with its share of loud and rowdy fans. Expect an environment that is unwelcome to the visitors and that will test communication, especially for Tom Brady and the offense. An early lead is imperative as is execution of the no huddle.

Bill also commented on the defense that will oppose Brady and the boys; he noted that the Seahawks are disruptive and make a lot of plays on the ball. This will not be the first time such a defense haunts the movements of every pass and run, and it will be the job of Josh McDaniels to work the field and confuse that defense.

This Seattle defense also sports multiple defensive backs who exceed the 6 foot mark, challenging the passing game like few defenses can. But they have caused more fumbles than interceptions, leading Belichick to stress that ball security was as important as ever. He was quick to point out that ball security is a priority for every ball handler in every practice. It has proven to benefit Stevan Ridley for one, who  has emerged as the front runner (pun intended) in the patriots backfield.

And it is the running game of the Seahawks that will be a big test for the new and improved Patriot defense. As the number 3 rushing leader in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch poses as the toughest back to face this young defensive crew. It will take concentration and discipline to keep Lynch in check.

All phases of the game will be tested in this contest. I have confidence that the coaching staff will have the team ready to drop the hammer on Seattle's hope to keep up in the NFC West.