New England Patriots: 5 Things On Their Holiday Wish List

By Doug Tozier
December 20, 2012 12:48 am
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After an impressive seven game win streak came to abrupt halt on Sunday night against one of the best teams in the league, the New England Patriots are looking for the key to storming into the post season with some momentum and power.

As much as Sunday's loss hurt, it also showed that they will not quit and that they still can score a lot of points in a short period of time. For the second time this year, the Pats hit hard and fast behind the precision and poise of quarterback Tom Brady. In a nutshell, defenses cannot hide behind a lead at any point of any game.

Yet the Patriots have a few things that they need from Football Santa. Here's my short list of their biggest needs; The New England Patriots Christmas Wish List:

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By Doug Tozier
Senior Writer
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2 years ago
L@@K at the way the Jets treat Tim Tebow. The guy's an athlete; he's a ball -handler. You don''t see Tim fumbling the ball away like Sanchez. I believe Tim was given a raw deal with the Jets!!
Patriot wide receiver Julian Edleman is out with an angle injuryl Let the Pats pick up Tebow--I am SURE Bill Billicheck will find a way to use a man of Tebow's prowess in the offense somewhere.
Benching Sanchez = good, Skipping over Tebow = STUPID--Give him a chance but no.
Let McElroy get sacked 11 frickking times.
Jets = a joke...
Stinky, potty poo-poo, daddy!!! GO TEBOW GO PATRIOTS
2 years ago

Tebow did get a raw deal. But he would make a better linebacker than QB or receiver IMO. He is smart, fast, strong and needs a fresh start. But I think he has other ideas- I just see more disaster if he persists.

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