New England Patriots: 5 Reasons Why They Won't Win The Super Bowl

By Jonathan Hans
January 07, 2013 11:42 pm
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With five AFC Championship game appearances in the last nine years, the New England Patriots are a dynasty like few others. The Pats' success is seemingly unwavering--they've won with big-name superstars and a hodgepodge of late-round picks.

This success has been studied throughout the league, as competitors are perpetually pillaging the Patriots for front-office talent. For the past 15 years or so, the New England Patriots have been the National Football League's most consistent and admirable franchise with regards to success.

That said, Robert Kraft's boys find themselves in an unfamiliar situation--losers of their last two Super Bowls and ring-less since a 2005 victory over Donovan McNabb and the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Ultimately, I think the Patriots will upset (I use this term loosely) the Denver Broncos on the road and get back to their 6th  Super Bowl in the last 12 years. I also think they will lose this Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers. And here is why I think such things:

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By Jonathan Hans
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2 years ago
At first I thought you were serious...then the last two items went into crazytown. The Pats are middle of the pack in DPR, which is a better measuring stick than yardage. They give up yards because they've typically forced teams to throw on them when they start scoring in bunches.

The Pats found a way to beat the Niners in that game, too. After digging a hole, they climbed out of it nicely.

The Broncos have played two mediocre teams in their run. Let's not overrate them. Focus more on how Denver is a house of horrors for the Pats.
2 years ago
Passing Yards against is of course a flawed metric but the lack of quality personnel in the secondary cannot be overlooked. This Patriot team has few weaknesses, but their secondary is of course a notable one. They've wasted 3-5 picks in the last few drafts on corners--it's shameful.

An inevitable road game against Denver is going to be a brutal match-up but I think the Ravens will give Manning a tough game and the Broncos will fold in the AFC championship. The Niners are clearly a worse match-up for the Pats.
2 years ago
You mention the Patriots 29th ranked defense- and forget abut their 31st ranked D that Brady DRAGGED into the SB last year. PURE silliness on your part. Gronk is back; and healthy this time. AND the Pats have the #1 ranked O PLUS Brandon Lloyd. Denver has improved, but the Pats have improved even more. Especially on D. With the two corners; Dennard and Alib back where they need to be, the Pats do NOT have that problem you're harping abut. Get yourself up to speed, skippy.
2 years ago
Listen, the article isn't meant to knock the Patriots--they are clearly the NFL's most dominant franchise of this century. These points are just simple jabs at the Pats and why they won't win the tournament. I personally think their style matches up poorly against the Niners. Obviously a lot has to happen for San Fran and New England to meet in the big game, but if they do, I expect San Fran to control the game.

A lot of what New England does is predicated on their ability to eat away at defenses with chunk plays and significant YAC plays. This system, which is replicated by Green Bay, doesn't work against a defense like the Niners.

Is NE's defense good enough to win a Super Bowl? Doesn't matter. No, but they don't need to be.
2 years ago
I love how you Patticakes assume the Texans are already a win...Denver was a shoo-in too, right? We're into smash-mouth now. Texans are man for man more talented, except at QB. Let's see how Tommy gun does with salad hangin off his facemask like Peyton did. Funny how a great QB becomes ordinary when he's runnin scared.
2 years ago

I guess we saw how both of those games went. Flacco will definitely not match with Brady... NFC is an interesting matchup but Niners appear to be stronger. BTW:Tony, it's Aqib Talib. Pats took Niners to the last minute during the regular season and will do it again. It's anybody's game.

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