Think Patriots football and you immediately think of success.

The modern era Patriots have the most successful winning head coach & quarterback combo in history, something that has led to many winning seasons over the last decade or so, and of course Super Bowls.

Granted, once there, they haven't always won.

In fact having steamrollered their way into the big game, when they get there they aren't the same free-flowing, easy-scoring selves that helped them reach their goal.

This season they have once again set the scoreboard alight. No one came close to their league-high 557 points in the regular season, and they continued this in last week's playoff beating of the Houston Texans, putting up another 41 with relative ease.

I have raised the question before of who could stop them reaching the Super Bowl, and now only one team remains.

The Baltimore Ravens.

Looking ahead then I will explain the five reasons why the Patriots will lose this Sunday's AFC title game.