In New England, memories of a disappointing exit before the Super Bowl are trying to be erased as the team looks ahead to 2014. Big question marks dot the landscape of a team that had been devastated by injuries and never seemed to enjoy the dominance of prior, Tom Brady-led campaigns.

Some are even casting aspertions in various directions, daring to blame an aging Brady or a senile head coach for the lack of domination. Forgotten are the 12-4 record that catapulted the team into the second round of the playoffs; lost are the clutch wins to propel the Patriots into first place in the AFC East; and also misremembered are monster performances by many, including LeGarrette Blount and Logan Ryan, mostly in relief of beleaguered starters.

But needs there are; and meeting those needs this offseason will be critical in the shape of this resilient team going into the new season.