New England Patriots: 2013 Season Could Define Tom Brady's Legacy

By Austin Brock
August 08, 2013 11:42 am
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Tom BradyTom Brady is looked upon as NFL royalty, but should he be? Since he took over for Drew Bledsoe in 2000 he has led the Patriots to five Super Bowls and won two NFL MVPs.

Brady's performance and production puts him into the discussion for greatest quarterback of all time. I would say that Tom Brady is the greatest SYSTEM quarterback of all time.

Putting Seneca Wallace or Spurgeon Wynn under center with David Patten, Terry Glenn, and Deion Branch at receiver, Curtis Martin in the backfield, and a defense led by Tedy Bruschi and both of those gentlemen would have accolades a plenty.

Brady has never overcome true adversity as a player, Sure he was a 6th round pick and sat behind Bledsoe. Joe Montana was a third round pick. Brady played an entire season with a sports hernia you say? That is what he gets paid to do.

Make no mistake -- I'm not saying that Brady isn't talented or gritty or that he doesn't deserve what he has earned in the game. All I am saying is that Brady has never had to put games on himself and win, or be the sole contributor to will the team to victory.

Brett Favre did this many times, sure he threw a lot of last second interceptions, but no matter who was on the other end of his arm, Favre was going to try and make a play.

John Elway led many comeback drives in Denver with what amounts to semi-pro talent, not the consistent Pro-Bowlers that the Patriots field.

Brady can directly equate his success to Bill Belichick's system, without that, he may only have been a marginal NFL quarterback.

That is why 2013 will be a defining season for Foxboro's "Golden Boy", Rob Gronkowski gets injured every other week. We all know what happened to Hernandez, and the Patriots' only veteran receiver is Danny Amendola.

For the Patriots to have a successful season, Brady is going to have to win games himself and put his arm, and maybe games, on the line with snap decisions. It will be an exciting season to watch, and maybe Brady proves me wrong, but I think the system is broken this season.

Don't expect much from New England.

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By Austin Brock
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2 years ago
Holy crap this is such an inaccurate, uninformed article. Curtis Martin has 0 Super Bowl rings, because hes never played a snap with Brady. Terry Glenn played one season with Brady, & was deactivated that season because he was faking injury. He didnt even recieve a Super Bowl Ring. Brady is an all time great in part because of HOW MANY SYSTEMS he has played in. Hes won MVP one year without an offensive Coordinator. Sweet lord do some research.
2 years ago
Kenneth, I'm not sure where the article mentioned Terry Glenn won a Super Bowl or Curtis Martin for that matter. I didn't mention Randy Moss or Brandon Lloyd as far as other talents Brady has thrown to. And as far as systems, there has been one--Belecheck's system. Sure there may have been some offensive coordinators change here and there, but The Hoodie has the final say. All you Brady supporters are the same--undyingly loyal without looking at what goes on behind the scenes. Again--Brady is talented and has worked hard for what he has done--all I'm saying is all the rough is gone this year-lets see if the "diamond" shines through
2 years ago
Youre stating Seneca Wallace couldve had the same success Brady had by mentioning players Brady never actually played with?? & Yea, Belicheck has been a constant, but anyone who pays attention to football can watch a game from 10 years ago, 7 years ago, 3 years ago, & now & see how different the offense looks each time. From run heavy attack, to a spread offense, to a two tight end option based offense. There are sytems in each of those playing styles, multiple systems in each, actually. Undying loyalty is something youre supposed to have when it comes to winning. Thats how you win.
2 years ago

Very good-- you understand multiple scheme offense. Guess what -- when one guy runs the team 10 years ago 5 years ago and 3 years ago. He still runs the same system. Multiple schemes, multiple sets but the Belecheck SYSTEM. That's how it works, then you adapt your system every week to teams you play.

I will acknowledge the mistake on Curtis Martin--in my patriot research I came across him and Corey Dillion, meant Dillion and typed Martin.

Other than that- I won't glorify any more of this drivel with a response.
2 years ago
I actually agree with you Austin, I've been trying to tell people this for YEARS. Brady is works purely in a system.
2 years ago
Yet another I hate Brady, but I don't hate Brady, I just think he isn't at all that good article.

Don't people ever get sick of these?

System QB you say? ... What, like Peyton Manning is a system QB... a guy that practices plays until his arm falls off, a guy that throws to a spot on the field before his receiver even makes the cut... what exactly do you mean when you say system QB?

Really... I mean, he had Moss when he broke every NFL record in the books in 2007... so how good can he really be? Moss made guys like Aaron Brooks and Andrew Walter become household names in the NFL... oh wait... you never heard of them?

Didn't think so.

Brady has played the last couple of seasons with Welker at WR and... and... hmmmmm ... who else worth mentioning?

Oh yeah, that deep threat that replaced Moss... what's his name?

You know, the guy that reminds you of Calvin Johnson... yeah that guy.

How about all those studs he had in 2001 and 2003... you know, HOFers like Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin... oh wait, wrong era, that was before they had Free Agency and the CAP and you could hoard HOFers on one team for a decade or so.

I mean... you WERE joking when you typed "Putting Seneca Wallace or Spurgeon Wynn under center with David Patten, Terry Glenn, and Deion Branch at receiver, Curtis Martin in the backfield, and a defense led by Tedy Bruschi and both of those gentlemen would have accolades a plenty." ... right?

I mean COME ON... Brady never played with Curtis Martin, Branch wasn't even drafted until 2003, Terry Glenn was thrown off the team weeks after Brady replaced Bledsoe... you HAVE to be joking right... this article is one of those slick humor pieces correct?

No one could be so totally wrong about so many facts and actually be serious, could they?
2 years ago
Wow- I need a towel--the man love for Tom Terrific is getting intense. As for the question of whether this article is a humor piece--all I will say is that it had the effect I wanted--got people talking. I appreciate the comments and all the reads. No more author comments on this one
2 years ago

Some of us don't write articles that are full of incorrect information and BS...
When you don't know jack about what you are talking about, the best thing to do is not write and article about it showing everyone how truly ignorant you are about the topic.
Unless the point is to prove to everyone you are clueless about the topic.
You don't see me writing about the Raiders and why they have stunk for the last decade because I don't follow the team and I don't know wtf is going on with them.
Clearly you don't know what went on with the Patriots during the last decade, if you did, you wouldn't have made so many errors in what you wrote.
2 years ago
Well, after one game the offense looks like they won't miss a beat, but once again the defense is going to need work.
2 years ago
I think you might be referring to the fact that Matt Cassell was able to lead the patriots to an 11-5 record and miss the playoffs by a tie-breaker- right? But he had both Moss and Welker NOT unknown receivers. Brady DID go to the playoffs with unknown receivers- 2006 with Reche Caldwell. Those are the only facts that count in this discussion. Brady has consistently set records no matter who he has for targets and support. To even mention these other QBs in the same article as Brady is ludicrous and is ridiculous speculation. Why not say that YOU could have done it?!
2 years ago

Doug-your comment on Matt Cassell is right on. Also, there is no doubt in my mind that Brady would have found a way to help that team win at least 1 more game that year and qualify for the playoffs.
2 years ago
Austin-Tom Brady's legacy is already set in stone. Are we to pretend that his current playoff resume doesn't even exist?? Only 1 QB in the history of the NFL has ever done more with less than Brady and that was Eli Manning in 2011. Eli played good enough to help his '11 Team win it all, and that Team's 4 vital Rankings added up to an all-time high (69) for a S.B. winning Team. Brady and Flacco are tied for 2nd helping a Team that added up to 55. The 4 vital-Off. pts. scored, off. yds. gained, def. pts. allowed, and def. yds. given up. When those numbers add up to 55 and 69, you have some bad Teams, statistically speaking. The Best ever-my '72 Dolphins added up to 4.
2 years ago

Eli earned my eternal respect for that NFCCG... I think Tom Brady is a great QB, but I know he would have never been able to take the hits Eli did in that game and keep getting up and chucking that football with the accuracy and consistency Eli did.

Unfortunately, as we saw in 2010 against the Jets in the playoff loss, 2011 against the Ravens (even though they won that AFCCG by the skin of their teeth and a missed FG), and 2012 against the Ravens, if you can get to Brady, and he knows you are coming and can get to him again, his game diminishes.
2 years ago
Austin-here is 1 more for Brady. He has played good enough to helphis Team get to 12 Championship games, the most ever. My guy (Marino) only played good enough to help my Dolphins get to 4 just to keep it in some perspective.
2 years ago
Blog authors only write to get a rise out of readers not because they actually have knowledge on the topic. Many questions can be asked about the so called facts in this blog, but one thing remains the same and that is Brady's numbers do not lie. Austin Brock you have truly out done yourself trying to justify system quarterbacks, but you attempt to down play the body of work the team has put together. The 2007 season was the best season ever and the only reason they lost the super bowl is because they started believing the hype and got punched in the face. When writing articles based off of opinion I suggest you look at both sides of the argument before making fallacy after fallacy.
2 years ago
Geez. A TB hater contributor. Why did I even waste my time reading this POS article?
2 years ago
tom brady is the best quarterback in nfl history. accuracy and smarts off the charts. whats his td to int ratio again
2 years ago
btw. the 2008 pats schedule was so ridiculously easy that i have no doubt brady would have led the pats to a 16-0 season again!

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