Tom BradyTom Brady is looked upon as NFL royalty, but should he be? Since he took over for Drew Bledsoe in 2000 he has led the Patriots to five Super Bowls and won two NFL MVPs.

Brady's performance and production puts him into the discussion for greatest quarterback of all time. I would say that Tom Brady is the greatest SYSTEM quarterback of all time.

Putting Seneca Wallace or Spurgeon Wynn under center with David Patten, Terry Glenn, and Deion Branch at receiver, Curtis Martin in the backfield, and a defense led by Tedy Bruschi and both of those gentlemen would have accolades a plenty.

Brady has never overcome true adversity as a player, Sure he was a 6th round pick and sat behind Bledsoe. Joe Montana was a third round pick. Brady played an entire season with a sports hernia you say? That is what he gets paid to do.

Make no mistake -- I'm not saying that Brady isn't talented or gritty or that he doesn't deserve what he has earned in the game. All I am saying is that Brady has never had to put games on himself and win, or be the sole contributor to will the team to victory.

Brett Favre did this many times, sure he threw a lot of last second interceptions, but no matter who was on the other end of his arm, Favre was going to try and make a play.

John Elway led many comeback drives in Denver with what amounts to semi-pro talent, not the consistent Pro-Bowlers that the Patriots field.

Brady can directly equate his success to Bill Belichick's system, without that, he may only have been a marginal NFL quarterback.

That is why 2013 will be a defining season for Foxboro's "Golden Boy", Rob Gronkowski gets injured every other week. We all know what happened to Hernandez, and the Patriots' only veteran receiver is Danny Amendola.

For the Patriots to have a successful season, Brady is going to have to win games himself and put his arm, and maybe games, on the line with snap decisions. It will be an exciting season to watch, and maybe Brady proves me wrong, but I think the system is broken this season.

Don't expect much from New England.