Braxton MillerThe first Saturday of college football made me look like a genius.

There were three dual-threat quarterbacks I was very intrigued about, none of which have the name of Matt Barkley.

But all three I correctly predicted their play.

First off was Braxton Miller. As soon as Urban Meyer went to Ohio State to coach, I immediately thought Miller could emulate Tim Tebow in the Florida offense a few years ago.

Miller is a big, athletic quarterback listed at 6-2, 220 pounds.

The sophomore quarterback is looking to improve off of a modest freshman campaign where he had 18 total touchdowns and complete 50 percent of his passes.

Although I did not see most of the game, his final stat line is what I completely expected.

Miller finished 14 of 24 for 207 yards and two touchdowns. His rushing stats were Tebow-esque, rushing for an Ohio State quarterback record 161 yards and a touchdown.

He showed his speed on an option play where he faked the toss and outran everyone on the Miami (OH) defense. I think Miller’s name may be in the contention for the Heisman running this type of offense.

Miller and Meyer's first game gives a lot for fans to look forward too, even with being ineligible for a bowl game.

Another quarterback that looked great was Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez. Midway through the fourth quarter I tweeted that, “Taylor Martinez is #justplainfilthy.” You won’t find a bigger Martinez fan than me.

Martinez finished with a career high 354 yards passing and five touchdowns. Martinez worked hard in the offseason, attending the Manning Quarterback Camp over the summer.

He also hired a personal quarterbacks coach to help him hone his mechanics. All the extra work will help him become Nebraska’s all-time leader in total yardage, needing about 2,000 to pass Eric Crouch.

Martinez was shredding the defense with pin-point passes. He still has an unorthodox delivery, but he has a certified laser for an arm. There was a skinny post that went for a touchdown that Martinez threw on an absolute rope from about 20 yards out.

His footwork, arm strength, and accuracy all stood out. He only missed eight of his 34 passes. His fifth touchdown came towards the end of the fourth quarter when he laced a pass between two defenders.

I couldn’t believe some of the pepper he had on his ball. Throw in his speed and vision, and Martinez too could be a Heisman dark horse. 

They say you can’t have the good without the bad…

So can someone tell me what Denard Robinson was doing Saturday night?

I knew that Alabama was going to win. I knew they would cover. I knew they lost seven starters on defense. I knew they still had C.J. Mosley. I knew Robinson was facing a very tough defense. But I still don’t know what Robinson was doing on Saturday night.

It was said that Robinson’s ability to pass would decide the game. Well it did. Robinson finished 11 of 26 for 200 yards a touchdown and two picks. His run game never got going, rushing for 27 yards on 10 carries, including a touchdown.

Robinson has never been known for his arm, rather his legs that would keep plays alive. On Saturday night though, the Alabama defense was swarming. Robinson often looked confused, just tossing balls up for grabs. There were multiple sideline routes where the ball sailed over the receiver’s heads, or nearly picked off.

Some may say that putting up 14 points on that defense is formidable. Robinson’s touchdown to Devin Gardner in the third quarter only came because the Alabama corner fell down.

Alabama never let Robinson get into space, maybe drawing up a blue print for future teams who play the Wolverines.

I’ve never been a Robinson fan, but it’s clear that if he continues to struggle with his passing, Michigan may not even win a Big 10 title.

Bring back Tate Forcier Michigan. Kid was 12 for 12 passing in a game once. Tate the great.