As we noted back on Monday, in our tribute to New England fans following the loss of their QB-ing binkie, we relate many things in our lives to our childhood songs of the 1970s.
So it is that we pay tribute today to the once-proud Big 10 with this little Linda Rondstadt ditty from the mid-1970s.
In case you haven't heard, the Big 10 is officially a laughingstock this morning. Not only has its top team, Ohio State, been humiliated in each of the past two national title games, they were humiliated again on national TV last night, losing 35-3 to USC. In Ohio State's last three games against Top 5 teams, they've been outscored 114-41. Ouch.
And this is the best the Big 10 can put on the field these days. Their arch-rival Michigan, meanwhile, was shocked, 35-17, yesterday by a Notre Dame team that barely beat San Diego State a week earlier.
The Big 10's wins yesterday came over the following powers: Illinois beat Louisiana-Lafayette, 20-17; Michigan State beat Florida Atlantic, 17-0; Iowa beat Iowa State, 17-5; Minnesota beat Montana State, 35-23; Northwestern beat Southern Illinois, 33-7; Wisconsin beat Fresno State, 13-10 and, in the one decent game by a Big 10 team all day, Penn State beat Syracuse, 55-13.
So, after a week in which you're officially pathetic, this song is for you, Big 10:
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