Mark Sanchez was drafted out of USC and started off his first two seasons with a bang. He took the Jets to two straight AFC Championships, and even though they were both losses, it's still pretty impressive for a young QB. However the past two seasons, he hasn't been as fortunate.

Over the past two seasons, Mark Sanchez has a combined 52 turnovers, which is absolutely gut-wrenching. Looking at a statistic like that, you could probably just throw all the blame on him for the Jets' pathetic seasons. In my book, he isn't entirely to blame. There is a reason Sanchez is turning the ball over so much and it's not all him. You don't just start two seasons hot, and then immediately play like garbage. Unfortunately, that's not how the Jets look at it.

If you watch the Jets play, you can see how easily defensive lineman get to the backfield and Sanchez. Then, Sanchez is forced to check down to a running back or choose which of his wide receivers sucks the least. When you have no protection and little talent at receiver, what can you do? The Jets didn't do anything the past two seasons to help repair those flaws, and don't seem very interested in doing anything this offseason. They are too worried about quarterback still, even though Sanchez has been good all along. They really need to find some help for him and then wait until his contract is up to make a decision, but they are now saying they might trade him around the beginning of the season. I guess it's hard for them to see what the problem is, and it will probably give them more .500 seasons within the next few years.

In my opinion, they just need to dump Sanchez somewhere else. The poor kid already has no help, and on top of that, he has to deal with the ridicule of the New York media. It's just not good for a young players' head.

Moving Sanchez will benefit both sides. It gives the Jets a chance to try out their new rookie quarterback and see if he can work with what they have. For Sanchez, it gives him a new start in a hopefully more supportive place and somewhere with less media ridicule.

Hopefully within the next few months, we will Sanchez somewhere else, and a new starting quarterback in a Jets uniform.