Hello our fine, fact-filled folks:
You probably noticed a whole new look to the Cold, Hard Football Facts. Basically, we had to modernize the design and upgrade our look and capabilities. We still have a few new features to unleash in the days ahead, too.

You'll also see plenty of new columns and content this season, too. We are going to kick ass and take names, as usual. We're just going to look a little sharper doing it.
Some highlights of the icier-than-ever all new CHFF:
CHFF Insider – We have a whole new Cold, Hard Football Facts Insider this season, with more analysis, stats and features. Oh, and still our incredible track record of success picking every single NFL game against the spread (better than .550 ATS each of the last three seasons, picking every game, every week). CHFF Insider is worth the price of admission for our incredible picks alone.
Spreadapedia – Insiders will LOVE this new feature. Spreadapedia is our brand-new proprietary point-spread database. And there is nothing like it on the market. It contains every point spread since 1978, searchable by more than 100 different filters, yielding 36 billion possible results and trends. It also contains also game data and game results for any trend you search. CHFF Insider is worth the price of admission for Spreadapedia alone.
Forearm Shiver: the CHFF Blog – Cold, Hard Football Facts is famous for its deep research pieces. But our minds are filled with plenty of trivial stats, comments and nuggets of mental gold. All this quick-hit info will be published in the new CHFF blog.
Quality Stats are back on the free CHFF – All Cold, Hard visitors can see all our Quality Stats each week in sortable tables: from our Quality Stats Power Rankings to our incredible Relativity Index (which, by the way, accurately predicts the winner in 2 out of 3 NFL games). We’re still making some tweaks to the presentation, too.
New Quality Stats – We have several NEW Quality Stats we will be adding in the days ahead, including Real Quarterback Rating Differential and something we call Total Yards, a surprising simple but effective measure of team-wide production that everybody seems to overlook. These will be free to all CHFF visitors.
Better images, look and feel – The Mighty Cold, Hard Football Facts simply looks and operates better.
Keep in mind you will still see the Cold, Hard Football Facts this year in Sports Illustrated.com and on TV and radio stations around the country.
We also have some big news to announce soon on the partnership front. Stay tuned!
One thing has not changed: our devotion to analyzing football through the prism of our all-power Quality Stats. No opinions. No B.S. None of the tired old stories you hear everywhere else. Just the Cold, Hard Football Facts, all day, all night.