Drew BreesGet your fantasy draft boards ready everyone. I'm about to rock your socks off. Because I'll tell you what...

It's not Tom Brady.

It's not my previously No. 1 ranked Aaron Rodgers.

It's not even Peyton Manning.
It's Drew Brees.

Are you done yelling about how I am dumb yet? I can wait...

Alright, now listen up. Brees hasn't thrown for under 4,000 yards since being with the Chargers. That was eight years ago. The last time he threw for less than 30 touchdowns was in 2008. That was five years ago. The past four years, he's been a top-3 player in fantasy football three times, and the other year, he was 6th.

Now, you may say: "But Mike, he's not as good as the Trifecta!" But you'd be wrong. Oh, the trifecta would be Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.

He's thrown more touchdowns than Aaron Rodgers every year. He's thrown more yards than Brady every year. He's broken more records than all three of them. Plus, he's younger than Brady and Manning, and closer to his prime.

Let's just put it this way -- last year, he threw the most interceptions in the league (19 - tied with Romo). He also was No. 1 in fantasy points last year. He must have been doing something VERY right to make up for the interceptions.

Oh right, I remember. He broke the single-season passing yards record.
If you don't believe he'll be gunning for more yards for the rest of his career, you'll be wrong.

Brady doesn't have many targets, so expect his numbers to go down a bit. Manning will do quite well, but he hasn't put up huge numbers lately. And Rodgers has been lacking in yards as of late, and probably continue to do so with Jennings gone.

Brees is the only reason the Saints even made it close to the playoffs last year (granted the lack of Sean Payton didn't help anything).

So lets recap. He's a Super Bowl Champion and MVP. He breaks records year after year. He puts up huge yardage year after year. He puts up huge touchdowns year after year. His numbers are better than the best quarterbacks every year. He's consistent year after year. Oh, and don't forget that he's one of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL.

Drew Brees is the best player in the NFL.