Russell WilsonOn December 2, the New Orleans Saints will be playing at the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. This game will determine who has the top seed in the NFC standings heading into the playoffs!

The Seahawks will be favorite in this game but the Saints have been dominant in night games as of late.

They have won 12 straight of these primetime games. Even with the Seahawks as favorites, the Saints feel they'll be able to overcome the "dome plague" and win this game.

The Saints will need to be able to run the ball offensively and stop the run on defense.

The Seahawks have a potent running attack with Marshawn Lynch. Seattle's defense is one of the top defenses in the league, that could make moving the ball offensively by the Saints a little more difficult.

The Saints are not known for being able to play well outside of their dome stadium. But the Saints should be able to run the ball if they are consistent in doing so. In the last three games, the Saints are averaging 140 yards rushing per game.

The defense has done a better job against the run of late; it's held their last three opponents under 200 yards total yards offensively. Both the Seahawks and Saints defenses are in the top ten of the league in being scored against and total yards allowed.

The last time these teams met was in Seattle for a playoff game back in 2011! The game was won by Seattle on Marshawn Lynch's long run through the Saints defense for the winning TD. The Saints will be anxious to redeem themselves and prove that they can win on the road! If the Saints are able to win this game at Seattle, it will be a great confidence booster!

It will set up their pivotal game against the Carolina Panthers at home in the Super Dome. The game has been moved to Sunday Night Football on NBC. With that win, it could give them a two-game cushion in the division.

Can the Saints win a game in the natural elements? They will have to get a win under these type of conditions, if they plan on going to the Super Bowl that will be played in an outdoor stadium. Winning this game in Seattle will help the Saints in many ways.

First, it will help, if only momentarily, get the naysayers off there backs who say that dome stadium teams can't win in outdoor stadiums. Secondly, the win will put the Saints as the top seed in the NFC for the playoffs. And it gives them the head-to-head tiebreaker over Seattle, should both teams have the same record at the end of the regular season.

The Saints have some tough games remaining to play. They have a home and away game with division foe Carolina, who is a game behind them for the division lead! Three of the last five games, including the MNF game with Seattle, are on the road, with only one team with a losing record.

Winning in Seattle will be a confidence builder for the Saints with the remaining games to play. The Saints' players and coaches will not be looking beyond this important Monday night game. The win will give them real confidence. And it will give them momentum with the remaining games in the regular season, and into the playoffs!