Football Nation presents "Monday Morning Huddle" and its third episode of the second season. This week's show features news mostly on the bad teams in the NFL. But to start off, a fresh angle from the past weekend on the Aaron Hernandez story. Is Urban Meyer and the University of Florida to blame for the Tight End's criminal past and present? In the second segment, host Dave Holcomb discusses Justin Blackmon, the status of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the stadium lease for the Rams in St. Louis. Has Roger Goodell finally found the right team to move to London? To conclude the show, Holcomb gets a little wound up arguing with some other authors of the site. The topics include Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback draft classes and the bottom eleven teams in the National Football League.

Dave would like to thank you for listening. Last week's show set a new show record for views. Let's keep it up!

This Weeks’ Recommended Work

-        Jacksonvile Jaguars: Justin Blackmon Undergoes Groin Surgery by Dave Holcomb

-        The Anti-Clutch: The NFL's 10 Worst Crunch Time Players by Mick Warshaw

-        Ranking the Quarterback Classes, 1970 through 2012 by Justin Henry

-        Cellar Dwellers: The Seven Worst Teams in the NFL by Michael Grabowski

-        The All-Time Not Hall of Fame Team by Mick Warshaw

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Album: Little Deuce Coupe

Artist: The Beach Boys

Songs: Be True to Your School, 409, Little Deuce Coupe


Theme Song: Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac


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