Adrian Peterson A 9-6 record and a shot at the playoffs shows good signs for the future of the Minnesota Vikings, meaning hopeful improvement to win the NFC North.

The dominance of running back Adrian Peterson and a mediocre defense has been the crutch of Minnesota this season, but what are some things or who are some players that can help the Vikings wear the crown of their division?

Keep in mind the players I name are simply suggestions, and I'm not saying all of them are a possibility.

As we have all seen, it is fairly obvious that Adrian Peterson is the Vikings' offense, and is just getting help from Ponder and the rest of the offense.

So would adding some explosive pieces to the passing game make Minnesota's offense one of the best in the league?

First, you would need to look at the quarterback position. If the Vikings really want to be atop the NFC, they definitely need to replace Ponder. The fact that he has only about 1,000 more yards than a running back, is a problem. The Vikings need a quarterback that can get closer to 4,000 yards, at least 3,500, not 2,700. Some guys Minnesota can look at are Michael Vick, Matt Flynn, and Mark Sanchez.

To help that passing game excel, Minnesota is going to need some proven receivers. With Percy Harvin wanting out, the Vikings are pretty thin at receiver. Ponder has done a great job at finding tight end Kyle Rudolph, but they cannot continue to rely on a tight end to keep their offense true.

Some guys I would suggest Minnesota look at are Dwayne Bowe and Larry Fitzgerald (who both want out of their current team), or if they are desperate, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens.

I believe they can reel in either Bowe or Fitzgerald, seeing they really need to get away from the bad teams they are currently on, and the Vikings have a lot of potential, as they have shown this season.

The Vikings will also need to pick up a defensive leader, as they are ranking right around the middle of the league with passing and rushing yards given up. With a fairly weak secondary, they should go after some safeties and corners before anywhere else. Some players to look at are Ed Reed, Kerry Rhodes, and Tracy Porter. 

If Minnesota picks up a few of these players and attacks their weaknesses, I believe they will have a good shot at winning the NFC North next season.