Luck vs. PonderThe NFL is a passing league and the fan bases for the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings see bright futures for their teams under the leadership of their young quarterbacks.

The Colts engineered a late win off an Adam Vinatieri field goal just seconds after a late game-tying Minnesota.

The Heroes: Andrew Luck and Christian Ponder

The two young quarterbacks did everything you could ask of them.

Move the ball effectively, check: Luck went 20-31 for 224 yards for two touchdowns while Ponder went 27-35 for 245 yards and two touchdowns.

Limit mistakes, check: a combined one turnover for both quarterbacks. Neither made a mistake and threw and interception. Ponder had one fumble but you cant put that all on him. That is the thing you want to see from a young quarterback, the ability to make smart plays and not force the ball.

Setting up chances to tie/win the game, check: Down by a touchdown with 2:50 left to play and what does Christian Ponder do?

He leads the Vikings 49 yards and hooks up with Kyle Rudolph for a six-yard touchdown that tied the game at 20 with 31 seconds left.

Overtime -- not quite, as the Colts had some Luck left. Three passes and 47 yards later Luck had set up the Colts for a win.

The Zeros: The rest of the Vikings

More than anything because of penalties. Not only did their 11 flags cost them 105 yards, but it also gave Luck and Co. plenty of chances to move the ball down field. A cleaner game may have sent Minnesota into Week 3 undefeated. Instead the Vikings will now prepare for a tough game against the San Francisco 49ers at 1-1 after a disheartening loss.