Ziggly Wilf wanted a change. He got a change. Players and coaches alike love Leslie Frazier, but he could not take the Minnesota Vikings to where they need to be. The Vikings and their fans hope 2014 will be a new and exciting chapter in the team’s history.

Among the changes will be a new head coach, possibly a new quarterback and improvements on both offense and defense. Here are three resolutions this team must make to be back in the playoffs in 2014.

Blake Bortles

Three years ago the Minnesota Vikings took a chance and made Christian Ponder the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. The move took many of us by surprise. But in reality, it was the right move for this team. But the flip side is they could have drafted someone like Andy Dalton and maybe their fortunes would be different.

This season, Bortles could be there for the taking and the tall, muscular quarterback could be the answer to prayers for a steady passer in an offense that could be so explosive.

Jared Allen likes purple

In other words, the team needs to keep the big man around next season. You figure that even though he is getting a bit older, there is plenty of pass rush still left in him. And ideally, Minnesota needs to keep him around because he is an identity with Adrian Peterson. While this team still may struggle, Allen continues to play and play hard.

If Minnesota loses Allen, it will set them back a few seasons on the defensive side of the ball.

Find an offensive minded coach

I would like to see what Jay Gruden could do with this group. You figure Matt Cassel will be back fighting for a starting spot. But Gruden and his offensive mind could be just what this team needs to get up of the ground.

Gruden would have good receivers, a solid tight end and the best runner in the league. What is not to like?

I could also see someone like Mike Zimmer  get a shot at the coaching position as well. What a way to pick Cincinnati’s pocket.