It was a cold and cloudy day Sunday in Seattle.

Well, when isn't it?

Still, gray, cloudy, nippy days in early November are perfect for football. Trust me when I tell you that once the game begins, and the players are running full speed, giving their all and more, the temperature is perfect. Any colder and you get hypothermia from the sweat mixing with low temperature. Any hotter, and dehydration becomes an issue.

Recently, I read somewhere that the NFC West is turning into "the new black and blue division". The "old" one being the NFC North (once upon a time NFC Central) or even "NFC Norris Division", according to Chris Berman.

The Minnesota Vikings are a cold weather team, a represent the NFC North. In this game against Seattle, the Vikings and their all-world running back, Adrian Peterson shared their thoughts on this "new black and blue division" nonsense with the Seahawks, on the ground at Qwest Field.

For one half, anyways. The Vikings fell to the Seahawks and THEIR all-world running back, Marshawn Lynch.

Heroes and zeroes were apparent in this one, and here are mine:  

The Heroes....

Seattle's "12th Man"

So far this season, the Seahawks are 4-0 at home in Qwest Field including a win over the New England Patriots. Their road win was the infamous "non-catch" in Green Bay on Monday Night football in week three. If they keep winning at home, they can easily finish 9-7 and in serious contention in the NFC West.

Seattle rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner     

Ten total tackles and a sack by this emerging star helped Seattle corral Adrian Peterson and get into the head of Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. Wagner's quietly having an awesome rookie campaign, having posted 72 total tackles and two sacks.

And, The Zeroes....     

Wide Receiver Percy Harvin  
Christian Ponder targeted him 6 times, but he only managed two catches for ten yards. Losing a fumble didn't help his cause, either.

Quarterback Christian Ponder  

The latest media punching bag, Ponder, did not give anything close to resembling a good effort. 11 out of 22 for just 63 yards, the second time in his last three games he's failed to even top 70 yards. The pundits, critics and fans may be correct on this one!