An unnamed source for the New York Post on Wednesday is saying that Minnesota Viking owner, Ziggy Wilf, has reached out to Bill Parcells in an attempt to not only come in and run the team, but coach it as well.  Parcells had a recent dinner date with now suspended New Orlean Saints' coach, Sean Payton. At that dinner he informed Sean and the Saints that Wilf was very interested in him as a coach, even going as far as telling him to "name his price."

Bill Parcells will be turning a young 71 years of age soon, and the peruse of Parcells is mind-boggling.  Three months ago, the Vikings promoted current GM, Chris Speilman, to his respected position and head coach Leslie Frazier was signed to a contract a year ago.  Both were assumed at this point to have a safe job.

Wilf, who is from New York, has always been a fan of Bill Parcells from his coaching days with the Giants, and bringing in two Superbowl rings during his time there. Currently going through a tough stadium debate with Minnesota politicians, Ziggy Wilf is doing everything he can to have both a winning team, and a respectable NFL stadium that can host other major events such as the Superbowl and the NCAA final four.

I don't know if this makes much sense at this point for either the Vikings, or Parcells.  Bill is not getting any younger and the Vikings are far off from being considered a competitive team.  Does Parcells want to take on that burden? And dare I say, would he even be alive to see them win one once he did start putting a team together? Stay tuned, I have seen crazier things, but personally I think the Saints one-year plan is the best fit for him at this point.