Minnesota Vikings Mount Rushmore: Four Franchise Icons

By Seth Carson
February 09, 2013 7:07 pm
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They are the franchise that has yielded four Super Bowl appearances during the 1970s. They are the franchise that has made 26 playoff appearances since the inception of the Super Bowl.

From Joe Kapp's NFL record 7 touchdowns in one game (tied for NFL record), to Frank "Scramblin' Fran" Tarkenton retiring as the NFL’s career leader in attempts, completions, yards and TD passes, and was named NFL MVP in 1975, to Randle Cunningham's unforgettable 15-1 season, to the Daunte Culpepper Era, the Vikings have fielded some of the best QBs the game has ever witnessed.

Not to forget Adrian Peterson nearly breaking Eric Dickerson's "unbreakable" most yards rushing in a season in 2012.

Here's a look at the Minnesota Vikings Mt. Rushmore!

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2 years ago
Seth, this is one of those great discussions to have with a beer. Hard to argue with your pics, but I can try. :)

Here are a couple more:

Fran Tarkenton - 1976 NFL MVP, 2 time All-Pro, 47,000 yard playing in the "dead ball" era of the NFL.

Alan Page - "The Honorable" Alan Page (now associate justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court). 6-tim first team All-Pro, 1971 NFC Defensive Player of the Year and 1971 NFL MVP (the first and ONLY lineman to be so).
2 years ago

I hear you, the assignment was for the four faces or icons of the team, but four just doesnt do it justice. So many great players historically on this team I had to mention some of the others, including Scramblin' Fran during the intro to give them a plug. Page was on my list at first, but then I thought of Doleman and Randle and was like "F--k, who do I pick!?!?" lol So I went with the most impactive and there you have it. It could have gone in any combo for hours, honestly. 35 greats narrowed to 4, oof, wasn't easy.

But yes, its one of them bar and beer topic for certain. ;)

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