You don't have to think very hard to find the player that the vast majority of Viking fans absolutely adore. Hands down the solid majority will scream "Adrian" as if Rocky were standing there all bloody, dazed and confused.

Yes AD (All Day) Adrian Peterson is the main man in the twin cities and rightfully so.

The running back has done nothing to disappoint from his breakout rookie season through current times. A few injuries and even a drunken misdemeanor cannot dim this bright ray of light in an otherwise dismal environment.

I would love to write an article just on him and his accomplishments year to date but instead we are going to be "haters" for a bit and really tear someone a new exit ramp...

As for the player to "hate" I think we could make a case for quarterback Christian Ponder but he gets a pass (pun intended) if for no other reason that his lack of experience.

Ponder has certainly made some bonehead plays in his short career at the helm of the beloved Vikings team. However, I deem it fair to say that he hasn't exactly had a full cupboard of skill position players to work with. Mix in some peaks and valleys along the front and we can quickly point out the 13 interceptions Ponder threw was a direct reflection on his lines blocking - or shall I say "lack thereof".

Therefore Mr. Ponder this writer will leave you alone - for now!

But we will not leave Jerome Simpson alone.

Jerome Simpson is a very talented fifth year wide receiver out of Coastal Carolina that has the maturity level of a fifth grader. He burned his bridges in Cincinnati along with burning some Pineapple Express and having similar tales to tell (hold a sec as FedEx is ringing my door bell). Not only did he have pot delivered to his residence, when the police showed up to his home; he allowed them in and thus the mother load was hit!

Seriously, the dummy has 2.5 pounds of marijuana shipped in his name to his house. He also had another 6 pounds inside his house along with some other contraband. I wonder what he was thinking?

I believe the real point is that he wasn't thinking or he would've said no to the police and made them comeback with a warrant. Maybe they had a warrant or a few minutes from getting a warrant but still, I would have been flushing some weed like last night's microwaveable burrito.

Yes he can catch and yes he can run and also do a forward flip that is really awesome but........... Jerome Simpson will miss the first three games and depending upon the outcome of the police investigation - our man the Commissioner of the NFL Rodger Goodell will have a blunt little something to hand J-Pot.

In the meantime, let's hope this idiot can get his life turned around and focus on becoming the potential super star he is more than capable of becoming.