Detroit Lions 34- Minnesota Vikings 24

In one of the more underrated games in Week 1 of NFL Sunday action, the Detroit Lions thoroughouly outplayed the visiting Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field. The Lions featured a new offensive attack behind newcomer Reggie Bush and the Vikings donned new uniforms.  Here's five things we learned from both squads from the contest:


1. Adrian Peterson is superhuman. No but really, he's unstoppable. 

Peterson took his first carry of the 2013 season to the house for a 78 yard touchdown run that was every bit of reminiscent of the monstrous runs to the endzone AP had last season. 

Could Peterson be even better than last year? Absolutely. And he looks it. During the offseason, his goal was for 2,500 rushing yards. Now that would be out of the realm of the impossible, but with every long touchdown run I watch, it seems more and more likely. 

Peterson slowed down in the second half (17 carries for 15 yards) against a tough run defense. The Vikings fell behind forcing Christian Ponder and Co. to throw the football where Peterson found the endzone on a 4-yard reception in the fourth quarter. 

If you failed to draft AP number one in you're respective fantasy draft....Shame on you. 

2. Lions DT Ndamukong Suh needs to be Suspended.

First things first, I hold no anomosity towards the stud DT from Nebraska. Heck, I'm jealous he's not part of my favorite team. He is a straight up monster on defense (when he wants to be), but the antics after the whistle have to stop.

If you haven't seen the clip of Suh intentionally going after Vikings' C John Sullivan knees well beyond from the play, well to put it simply was a DESPICABLE act on his part.

The kid just doesn't understand. This is not the first transgression for Suh. From slamming several Quarterbacks down to the turf in wrestling-like ways, to stomping on a Green Bay Offensive Lineman two Thanksgivings ago, Suh is always behind some sort of controversy. 

A fine of 100K was given to Suh today by the league but where will it stop? He showed no remorse after the game. Suh needs a reality check and should be suspended for several, and I mean several games if another inicident occurs.

Wake up Kid, you're better than this. 

3. Vikings QB Christian Ponder leaves me pondering....

Don't hate me Vikings' fans. But the question needs to start being asked if Ponder will ever become the field general and franchise quarterback the Vikings were looking for when selecting him 12th in the 2011 NFL Draft.

He flashes some ability from time to time, but remains very inconsistent on an every down basis. I lost respect for him last year when he decided to sit out the Wildcard playoff game against Green Bay with an elbow issue forcing Joe Webb to start in an impossible situation. 

Ponder threw three horrendous interceptions on Sunday and lost a fumble. This has been Ponder's problem in the NFL. He struggles when facing pressure in the pocket and fails to make proper reads. 

It is only his third year starting so I don't want to be too harsh, but it would be a shame if Ponder's shortcomings are the only reason the Vikings fail to contend in the NFC North in 2013. Hmmmm...Matt Cassel? Just kidding. 

4. Reggie Bush is every bit of worth what the Lions are paying him.

Who hasn't been a fan of Reggie Bush during his entire career from his days at USC and the several seasons spent with the Saints and Dolphins. The guy is as fast as ever and must watch television with the ball in his hands.

I had clamored for years that Bush recieve more carries/touches in New Orleans and he proved himself to be an every down back in Miami, but they failed to bring him back.

Bush signed a lucrative free agent deal in the offseason with the Lions and is already proving to be well worth it. Bush had 21 carries for 90 yards and 4 catches for 101 yards and a TD. The touchdown was a 77 yard electrifying play. He led the team in targets as well with 8.

Bush will be QB Matt Stafford's biggest weapon this year as long as he stays healthy. He was banged up a bit on Sunday and with all of his rewards, comes a certain risk with the durability of Bush in a 16 game season. 

5. The Lions are their own worst enemy. 

Bottom Line is the Detroit Lions are a very talented football team, and one that I think is capable of a deep playoff run in the NFC. As long as Matt Stafford doesn't commit the silly turnovers that have plauged him and Co. then the Lions will find themselves at or near the top of the division.

The addition of Bush on offense and the young studs they have groomed on the defensive line (Suh, Fairley, Jones, Ansah) make the Lions every bit as good as the rival Packers and Bears. Let's remember their only one season removed from a playoff appearance. 

The only reason the Lions don't make noise this season is if the costly turnovers continue or a rash of major injuries. Watch out NFL the roar is back in Detroit.