Former 4th round pick out of USC, Everson Griffen debuted for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010. Griffen, a freak of an athlete Who stands at 6'3" and ran the 40 yard dash in 4.65 seconds, spent the vast majority of his career playing behind Jared Allen, but Allen is a Chicago Bear now so Griffen will step in as the Right End on every down. During the 2013 season Everson Griffen appeared in all 16 games. Although starting none of those games Griffen was able to get to the quarterback 5.5 times.

The Minnesota Vikings defensive line took some big hits during this past offseason, but they were able to retain Griffen to the tune of a 5 year 42.5 million dollar deal, including 20 million guaranteed. This contract will put Griffen in the spot light, after all it is starter money.

The Vikings decided to part ways with Leslie Frazier and brought in the former Defensive Coordinator to the Cincinnati Bengals Mike Zimmer to be their new Head Coach. Zimmer will look to Griffen to lead the defensive front for the Vikings and maybe just maybe Zimmer can turn Griffen into a Pro Bowl Right End and fill the void left by Jared Allen.

Everson Griffen has shown that he can reach the quarterback. This should be a career year for Griffen he has the coach to help him along and is not playing second fiddle to Allen anymore. Expect Everson Griffen to step up big, carry the Minnesota Vikings defense and record his first double digit sack season of his career.