Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier announced cornerback Asher Allen’s retirement after Wednesday’s OTA practice.

Frazier insisted his retirement was non-medically related, according to RotoWorld, but with Allen’s concussion history, Viking fans have to wonder if that is the truth.

At age 24, Allen had already suffered a concussion at the end of last season and another in November of 2010.

Allen didn’t personally make his retirement public as of Thursday, but he did talk in detail about it to coach Frazier and gave the decision a lot of thought.

"I didn't see that coming, but everybody has to make decisions that are the best for their family,” Frazier said, according to Yahoo Sports. “He came in my office last Thursday, talked about it and informed me of what he wanted to do."

It seems a little strange that it took nearly a week for the news to be released, but nonetheless, Allen’s retirement will further bring NFL and media attention to concussions and player safety. The cornerback could become a pioneer in leaving the game early to stay healthy for life after football.

At this point, Allen wasn’t poised to be a superstar, but could have played a few more years in the NFL if he wished. Injures pushed him into the starting lineup for nine games in 2011.

Allen was a third-round selection out of Georgia in 2009. He started 21 games in his three year career and recorded four interceptions.