Mike Wallace The free agency frenzy is underway across the NFL. As always, there are a few names that get all the buzz.

Among the most mentioned names this free agency season is Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Wallace has become a favorite target of Ben Roethlisberger over the past four years.

This is due, in large part, to Wallace's sheer speed, giving him the ability to take the lid off opposing defenses.

Analysts say that you can't teach speed and that puts Wallace at the top of the list of available wide outs. This may be true, to some degree, but does that make him worth elite receiver money?

Elite NFL receivers are expected to put up huge numbers. Numbers close to, or over, 100 receptions and 1,000 receiving yards. Wallace didn't come close to those numbers in 2012.

In fact, Wallace finished the 2012 season 34th in the league with just 836 receiving yards. He also finished tied for 34th in receptions with 64. Not only are those not the numbers of an elite NFL wide receiver, but they border on the numbers of a No. 2 wideout.

Clearly, with his asking price, Wallace considers himself the same caliber wide receiver as players such as Calvin Johnson of the Lions or Andre Johnson of the Texans. Calvin Johnson, however, caught 122 passes for 1,964 yards. Andre Johnson caught 112 for 1,598 yards. There isn't really any comparison.

Wallace is a solid NFL receiver. He does bring speed to the table that is hard to match. Some team will grab him up in a hurry and he will probably help that team considerably. That team, though, will have to overpay for Wallace's services.

The Steelers have several issues to deal with, moving forward. There are quite a few holes to fill, including the vacancy that will be left after the departure of Wallace. But, when it comes to Mike Wallace this offseason, The Steelers are handling the situation better than any team interested in the wide receiver's services.