Mike Wallace has surged as a young, speed demon-type receiver.  Though he is a restricted free agent, he still is vulnerable to teams like the Patriots and Bengals, who have two first-round Draft picks and cap room. The Bengals are in the the same division as the rival Steelers, and if they get Wallace, we might as well start talking best receiving corps in the NFL. A.J. Green emerged as a No.1 receiver last year against some of the league's top cornerbacks, but with Wallace at the No. 1 and Green at the 2... well the stats explain themself.

The Patriots on the other hand, lets name their QB for starters. Tom Brady, He is the true definition of amazing, and him paired with Gronkowski, Hernandez, Welker and Branch was pretty damn good. Now close your eyes and imagine Wallace in that already explosive lineup. THAT would be beyond amazing.

Now the Steelers are still the No. 1 choice for Wallace, considering they have the franchise tag, but he is a restricted free agent. So the Bengals give their 2nd first rounder and pay him, and they are $60 million under the cap, then Wallace might as well show up to Paul Brown Stadium today.

The Patriots are $20 million under the cap, with the Saints' first-rounder, they can easily pull in Wallace considering they are always a contender for the Super Bowl.

March 13th starts official Free Agency for the 2012 offseason, but franchise tagging players can happen today if teams want to. But we will see what unfolds this offseason with all the WRs on the open market, and a lot will undoubtedly unfold.

Wallace averages 1,225 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns over his last two seasons in Pittsburgh, and is yet to miss a game since entering the NFL in 2009.