There are many teams that are going to go after Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston. Those teams are the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, San Francisco  49ers, New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals. Each of those teams have reported interest in Vincent Jackson and each are looking for an established number-one wide receiver. 

Each of those teams need to look long and hard at Mike Wallace. If you are a "production is production" kind of guy, then let me give you some numbers that Mike Wallace has put up that no other receiver right now has been able to do. Not Vincent Jackson, not Marques Colston, and not even Reggie Wayne. 

According to Bill Barnwell, "Only two receivers in the past 30 years have gained more receiving yards and scored more touchdowns during their first three years than Wallace, and they make for pretty good company: Randy Moss and Jerry Rice.". 

That stat is so impressive that most people will just glance over it and miss it. Read it again. No one but Randy Moss and Jerry Rice have better three year totals than Mike Wallace. The price for Mike Wallace is not a lot. Especially if you are planning on drafting a wide receiver or spending a lot of money in Free Agency on one. A first round pick of the 2012 and a new contract will give you are starting wide receiver for years to come. He is the youngest established wide receiver on the market right now. Vincent Jackson is 29 years old and is wanting to make a lot of money ever since he saw Stevie Johnson collect on his pay day.

Long story short., after the dust settles, on March 13, teams will be clamoring for Mike Wallace. Remember this, only two other receivers have more receiving yards and touchdowns than Mike Wallace. Randy Moss and Jerry Rice. He will only be on the market till April 20, 2012. I wouldn't hesitate. Wouldn't you like to have him on your team.

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