Michael Vick Michael Vick, a free agent in March, has probably thrown his last pass in Philadelphia. According to several sources, there will be some interest in the much-maligned passer with the Oakland Raiders, the team most likely to pursue him the most.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, the Oakland Raiders could very well be Michael Vick’s next team. There has been quite a bit of speculation already about where Vick could call home next year, and most analysts seem to believe that he’ll head to Oakland. Vick has said that he would be happy to return to Philadelphia, but still wants to start.

Michael Vick started seven games this season with the Philadelphia Eagles, putting up 1,215 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. Vick went down with an injury a couple times and was replaced by Nick Foles. Once Foles got the chance to start, he never looked back, and ended up leading the Eagles to a playoff appearance.

The Raiders are one of several teams that will be drafting in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft in May and are in need of a quarterback.

Oakland “is currently working with Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin. While Vick is 33 years old, there’s no question that he would be a better option as a starter than the two players mentioned above. Oakland would be getting a quarterback who is still very mobile and has a rocket arm, but also a quarterback who hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy.”

If Oakland does not land Vick, there are other teams who may be in the market for his services. Here are four others…


The team invested money in Josh Freeman, has a failed 2011 draft pick in Christian Ponder and seemed to be effective as an offense with Matt Cassel behind center. Vick is still better than all three and with Corderelle Adrian Peterson running the ball, Vick may give this team the best chance to win now.


The Jaguars have said they will reach out to Chad Henne before free agency begins to see if they can re-sign him. Team owner Shad Khan also said this franchise will draft a quarterback or two in May. Vick may be an option of Henne is not re-signed.


As odd as this might seem, Dallas could be a destination. Tony Romo is on a short leash as it is and the Cowboys cannot seem to get to the playoffs. Vick could be a backup that makes his way onto the Big Star in Big D.


This might be a sleeper team. New head coach Ken Whisenhunt does not have a franchise quarterback, and may not have Chris Johnson to carry the ball. Shonn Greene will be the lead runner next season. The franchise has some decent pass catchers and tight ends. Vick could get them closer to the playoffs.