Here is something nobody expected to hear: Michael Vick will be starting for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday when they take on the New York Giants.Vick meets RG3

Vick didn't get the job back due to poor play by Foles, rather an injury that the rookie suffered on the second to last play. (That may explain the intentional grounding by Foles on the final play.)

No one expected to see Vick in an Eagles jersey again this year, much less ever again, but I guess that's how the league goes. We should've learned that by now.

Nick Foles seemed like a savior eight weeks ago, but things haven't looked so certain lately.

People are still on the Foles bandwagon, but Vick might be changing some minds after Sunday.

Remember what happened last time Vick started a game after being on the bench? It was 2010, and he lit up the Detroit Lions.

Well that was a long time ago, but could Vick do it again?

It would take a whole lot to earn back the trust of the Eagles' Nation, and it starts with zero turnovers, something Vick has had lots of trouble with this year.

Vick will be facing a Giants defense that is filled with holes, so he will need to take advantage of it by throwing multiple touchdowns.

Do that, and you have a full throttle quarterback controversy on your hands, something the Philadelphia Eagles have come quite accustom to.


This may seem like another throwaway game for the Eagles, considering they're 4-11, but not for Vick.

This is his chance.

This is his chance to reclaim the city that brought him in when the world hated him.

This is his chance to quiet all the critics and prove he can once again overcome adversity in his darkest hour.

This is his chance to take back the Philadelphia Eagles.


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