Michael Vick As frustrations mount over losses, rumors are swirling about teams thinking about making changes at their quarterback position.

In this article I give my take on two teams thinking about making a quarterback change.

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow: Not the Answer in New York

After a pitiful Week 8 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the speculation and questions about who should be the Jets' starting quarterback are once again making headlines.

The response from head coach Rex Ryan is still that Mark Sanchez gives New York the best chance to win but that they will evaluate how to better use Tim Tebow.

My opinion is that Sanchez has done a poor job as quarterback for the New York Jets and that either in a starting role or in a continued decoy/wildcat Tebow is also not the answer in New York.

Sanchez does give the New York Jets the best chance to win but that is only because he is competing against Tebow. Additionally, he may give New York the best chance to win but the fact of the matter is Sanchez is not winning.

Sanchez finished the 2011 season with a record of 3-5 in the team’s last eight games, and so far in the 2012 season he is 3-5, is 1-4 in the team’s last five games, and has lost the past two games.

Despite throwing for over 3,000 yards in the past two seasons, Sanchez’s touchdown to interception ratio in the past two seasons is 43-31, and Sanchez has 59 career interceptions including the eight he has thrown so far in 2012.   

In two seasons with the Denver Broncos Tebow passed for 2,383 yards, 17 touchdowns and threw nine interceptions. While those numbers may not seem too horrible, one must consider the fact that in 2011 when playing quarterback for Denver, Tebow had eight regular season games and two playoff games, where his completion percentage at the end of the game was below 50 percent, and in three of those games it was below 35 percent.

Tebow has yet to prove that he can play quarterback well in the NFL, and I am not sure what New York was thinking when they traded for him, but he is not a good option as a backup quarterback and has no business being the starting quarterback.

New York needs to start considering their next options at the quarterback position.


Vick to be Benched?

After the Philadelphia Eagles failed to give the Atlanta Falcons their first loss of the season this past Sunday, speculation is swirling that Michael Vick could be shelved as the starting quarterback. Vick is quoted as saying “Obviously, Andy Reid is thinking about making a change at the quarterback position,"

Vick is 1-4 in his last five starts for Philadelphia, but has managed to pass for 1,823 yards and nine touchdowns this season in the passing game and has added 247 yards and a touchdown in the running game. Additionally, Vick has passed for at least one touchdown pass in six of Philadelphia’s seven games this season.

If Vick was benched rookie Nick Foles who went to college at Arizona would get the starting nod.

I think that the problem is that head coach Andy Reid is under an extreme amount of pressure. He is under pressure to win and return the Eagles to the playoffs in the midst of Philadelphia fans calling for his job.

I also think that along with Philadelphia fans that Reid is frustrated especially over the past three games.

Traditionally if teams cannot win games, the first thing to try is replacing the quarterback and that is the only reason I think that Vick would be replaced.

I know that Vick has not played the best this season as he has contributed eight interceptions and also been responsible for some fumbles lost. However, I think that benching him would be a stupid idea, especially if his replacement is a rookie quarterback.

Vick has experience especially against the NFC East whom Philadelphia will be playing again five more times this season, and the fact of the matter is Philadelphia is still tied for second place in their division.

Reid needs to not panic, ignore the drunk fans in the stands, and stick with Vick because Vick seems passionate about being the starting quarterback and says that he tries his best every time he steps on the field. Besides the win, what more could you ask for?