The Good - Collin Klein

Manhattan has a new star and he isn’t on Broadway.  Collin Klein torched the ‘Canes D.  He only threw 11 times but completed 9 of them for 210 yards and a touchdown.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not that impressive, Z-man.”  (Yes I imagine you all can me ‘Z-man’ when you read these.)  

That isn’t that impressive, but Klein rushing for 71 yards and 3 more scores is.  In fact K-state ran all over Miami to the tune of 288 yards and 6 touchdowns.  I didn’t think the ‘Canes had a vaunted defense, by any means, but they could have put up a better show than that.  Miami’s defenders should have been paying attention when they were on the sidelines, because the K-State defense held the ‘Canes to 40 yards…total.

The Bad – Miami’s Offensive Line

The K-State defense got five sacks on Saturday.  Three off those sacks resulted in lost fumbles.  In fact, they held Duke Johnson to 19 yards.  Johnson ripped off 135 yards last week.  It wasn’t all the O-line’s fault, the Wildcats defense was fired up.  K-state wasn’t going to let Miami come into their house and do much, but I didn’t think it was going to be a clinic.  I hope Miami paid attention, because K-State showed them how to play football.

The Ugly – Kansas State’s ‘Trick’ Play

There was two minutes left in the first half.  Kansas State was on the 2 yard line and their third down.  They had been running it unchallenged all game.  This seems like a pretty simple call, and it looked pretty straight forward.  Klein caught the snap and bolted forward, for what looked like a QB sneak.  Then as he gets to the line he tosses the ball behind with a no look pass, a la Drazen Petrovic.  (Do you like that name drop?) 

The ball flies past his running to the 20 yard line.  The back had the good head to fall on the ball saving a turnover, but a loss of 19 yards.   For everything Kansas State did right on Saturday, this was atrociously bad.  If they really wanted to do a trick play, they should have just run the Annexation of Puerto Rico; it would have probably worked against this Miami D.