Could the Miami Dolphins biggest obstacle on Sunday be the weather? It’s almost the middle of December, the team from south Florida is playing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and you can guarantee that the weather will not be a balmy 75 degrees. More than likely, the weather will be the kind that makes everyone, including former Steelers receiver Mike Wallace, wish they had reversed roles, and played the game in the friendly confines of Sun Life Stadium.

Of all the possible weather elements, the one thing this team fears the most (quarterback Ryan Tannehill has not been in many cold weather games in his career) is the snow that could potential fall when the Dolphins play up north - as such is the case this week, or is they were to travel to the Midwest of western part of the country.

“Snow is probably last because it’s really not as wet or causes as many problems,” Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline said on “Wind can be a pain in the butt because ball location changes really quickly. Rain, it depends because if it’s soaking wet, it’s maybe not as bad because you can adjust. When it’s hot then it rains and things get greasy, that can be tough. Cold is just a mindset.”

Just so you know, the city - according to - is expecting a “wintery mix” on Sunday with highs in the low thirties. On Saturday, the city is expecting snow showers.

The weather itself could cripple the Dolphins passing game and the team may have to rely on Lamar Miller to carry the offensive load.

Look for the Dolphins to try to shut down the run and apply pressure to Ben Roethlisberger the entire game. If the weather conditions are such that it will be easier to run the ball, then the Dolphins will stuff the middle of the line and force the Steelers to pass more. It will be the responsibility of the Miami secondary to stop the Steelers wideouts on the outside.and Heath Miller underneath.