Less than a week after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII, the offseason has taken full swing. We're all going to miss football for the next five months, but there's plenty left to discuss, talk and debate. 

Every NFL franchise has iconic players, coaches, and owners. However, if you had to chose exactly four to be put on a "Mt. Rushmore" for each franchise, who would you pick? It makes for good debate and conversation. 

Today, I examine who should be placed on the "Mt. Rushmore" of the storied Miami Dolphins franchise. The long-time AFC East members, winners of two Super Bowls and owners of the only perfect season in NFL history have many icons to choose from. 

It was a hard debate with some obvious choices and some not-so obvious ones as well. Although the franchise has floundered in recent years, the storied history of the 'Phins has not gone unnoticed. This is to pay homage to that.