Ryan TannehillIt’s never a good idea to celebrate someone else’s misfortune, but the Miami Dolphins may have stumbled onto something that could help them as the regular season begins in less than two weeks.

The AFC East, which was expected to be a middle-of-the-road division with two teams possibly making the playoffs (New England, Miami) and two teams leaning heavily on a restructuring process (Buffalo, New York Jets), the Dolphins may use their rivals injuries and offensive woes to get ahead.

They first need to settle some of their own team issues before they can move forward.

The Jets seem to be in a real quandry following the Mark Sanchez debacle last week and Geno Smith doesn’t look ready to start in the NFL.

The Bills are caught between a real rock and a hard place. EJ Manuel had knee surgery (minor) and is not ready to go yet. Kevin Kolb suffered another concussion and will be out of action. This is probably not how new head coach Doug Marrone pictured his start in the NFL.

New England got thrashed by Detroit and has issues with not enough receivers and an offense that I thought all along might take a step back.

All of the sudden, the Fins' 1-3 preseason record doesn’t look all that bad.

“I’m focused really on our team right here and what we’re doing,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said in a Miami Herald article by Joseph Goodman. “I’m not too concerned about anyone else. I want to finish off the preseason and take it from there.”

There isn’t a need to be concerned, just a knowledge that both eyes focused on the Dolphins and their progress could mean bigger and better things for the franchise at the start of the season. In my opinion, starting out fast and finishing fast is the best way to get to the playoffs and higher ground.

In other camp notes:

* According to Goodman, backup cornerback Will Davis was not at practice Monday. It is not know if it was because of injury and there was no word from Philbin about Davis not being on the field.

* The team is taking a long hard look at special teams this week. Marcus Thigpen is being watched like a hawk by the coaching staff. Philbin siad it was a “weakness” that could not be tolerated. Thigpen has been less that spectacular this offseason in camp.

* The Fins must still trim their roster by nine players before 4 pm today.