On Sunday afternoon, the Miami Dolphins beat New England and were squarely in the sixth playoff spot in the AFC. After Monday, the Dolphins, who have won three straight games and were on the outside looking in as the seventh team in the conference.

Oh, how the world turns in the NFL. Now, with a three-game winning streak on tact, two games against AFC East opponents with losing records and the hope of finishing 10-6 this season and making the playoffs, this week against Buffalo one of the biggest games of the year for the team from south Florida.

Buffalo comes into this game having beaten Jacksonville with a strong running game and a defensive front that put pressure on the Jacksonville passing game.

Can the Dolphins make it four in a row? Does Buffalo have enough offense to overcome the Dolphins defense?

Here are three bold predictions for Sunday’s game.

More snow

The Dolphins played one heck of a game two weeks ago in Pittsburgh, where most players had never played in snow before.

Buffalo could be as bad as Steel Town this weekend (at least that is a bold prediction). What if there were a foot of snow on the ground and the players basically were stopped in their tracks? Somehow, I think the Dolphins, all warm blooded as they are, would still win.

CJ Spiller wants to go home

Spiller is from the Jacksonville area in Florida. He is used to warm weather, sandy beaches and plenty of sun. And he plays football in Buffalo, New York. After a cold afternoon and continually being stopped in his tracks, Spiller goes to the sidelines, pulls a Dez Bryant, walks off the field into the tunnel of the stadium and sobs like a baby.

It’s Vernon’s world

The Miami defensive line is not a one-man wrecking crew. Cameron Wake may get a lot of the publicity, but Olivier Vernon does a lot of the dirty work. Vernon does a great Derrick Thomas impersonation and gets five sacks on the day.