The Miami Dolphins have become a team head coach Joe Philbin is fond of. It should be, seeing how he and Miami general manager have built this team through the draft and free agency in two seasons to become a “hot” pick by some media members to make the playoffs this season.

In a press conference following minicamp, Philbin met with the writers to discuss everything from the running game to the second season of Ryan Tannehill’s tenure with the team and everything in between.

Dolphins Additions to this team like Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Dannell Ellerbe will do that to any coach.

Any player that comes from a winning organization and can bring a winning attitude to a growing franchise will make a coach’s sleep pattern seem more even.

But even more exciting than having the head coach sing the praises of the club in the offseason may be the most decorated player in team history tell the local media he sees great things for the upcoming season.

Especially if it’s Dan Marino, who in my estimation is still the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

“I think that they are going to be better offensively,” Dan Marino said. on the “You need that person, inside, inside that 10-yard line, inside the 20, that’s going to make that play for you and not get field goals – (get) touchdowns. Let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about.”

Marino was especially complimentary of Ryan Tannehill, the man who Dolphins fans want to be the next Marino and want him to do something Marino never did do --- win a Super Bowl.

“It’s going to be about Ryan Tannehill and does he take that jump and can get them to being a playoff-caliber football team.”

Tannehill caught a huge break when he was drafted by Miami, especially since he played for the Dolphins'offensive coordinator Mike Sherman when he was at Texas A&M.

Tannehill started all 16 games for the Dolphins last season, breaking the franchise record for passing yards by a rookie.

The Dolphins took a huge leap last season, winning seven games when the national media thought the franchise would be one of the worst in the league. Having Marino support the franchise and what it is trying to accomplish this season, especially a chance to make the playoffs goes a long way toward making the potential dream a reality.

“I’m still a Dolphin at heart,” Marino said. “I’m excited about South Florida getting a team back that they’re going to be very proud of and a team that, in my mind, is going to have a chance to make the playoffs.”