For those that don't know, the Cowboys have a whopping five figures of cap space following the signing of Ernie Sims, and they already have $121 million against the cap next year. 

That's pathetic, but sadly it's a better long-term situation than it was a week ago.

The Cowboys are trying to create some cap space this year by signing a long term deal with Tony Romo, and possibly Anthony Spencer, which would bump next year's cap number even higher.  Then they'll have just enough money to go bargain hunting.

Meanwhile, Doug Free is sitting on the roster at $10 million after being benched for Jeremy Parnell, a player that originally signed with the Saints as an undrafted defensive end.

The entire league knows the Cowboys will be drafting an offensive lineman or two, and Doug Free will not be starting.  Dallas can still mark Doug Free as a June 1 cut to split his $10 million in dead cap money like they did with Marcus Spears.

Jerry Jones is the only reason they haven't done so.

Jerry doesn't want to give up on Free, he doesn't want to admit that signing Free to such a big deal was a mistake.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong.  I sincerely hope that someone in the Jones family is saving a contract that seriously reduces Free's $7 million in base salary this year to something like $2 million, and future years to something like $1.5 million.

I sincerely hope they're keeping Free around because he's refused to renegotiate on the belief that he'll still be the starter after April 26, and there's some big trade in the works that will land a top notch offensive lineman to knock Free off the roster (or at least make him cheaper to keep).

If they don't cut Free, they won't have enough cap room to sign their rookie draft picks, not even if they extend Romo, and that's an epic level of cap hell that no fan wants to see.