By Mark Cotton
Cold, Hard Football Facts Grilla from Manila

One of the keys to good tailgating is variety, especially if you'll be partying all day long.

If you start tailgating sometime in the morning and the game isn’t until 4 p.m., that $10 chicken finger plate is going to look really tasty after five hours of burgers and dogs.

The sad truth is while we do eat because we are hungry, we also eat because we are bored -- and while your love of hot dogs may rival that of Joey Chestnut, you will likely get sick of them if you eat them every single time you watch football. Unless you eat like a four-year-old, lack of tailgating variety will result in hundreds of dollars spent on stadium food that you really don’t like, money that could be better spent on beer.
This recipe for spicy shrimp has all the hallmarks of a tailgate classic. The ingredients are easy to transport, it’s a one-pan dish, and it’s spicy enough to be interesting without being so spicy that college kids will use it in their frat initiation rituals. 

As is, this recipe serves two as a main dish, or four as an appetizer. As a bonus, when that cute chick over at the grill next to you asks what you are making, you can whip up some shrimp for her in less than 10 minutes. That's right, you: a CHFF reader, learning domestic skills right here.
5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
12 cloves of garlic, 4 minced, 8 unpeeled
1 pound unpeeled jumbo shrimp
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons fresh oregano, chopped
4 tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped
2 teaspoons chili-pepper flakes
3 to 4 whole dried red chili peppers
1 cup dry white wine
Juice of one lemon
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
Lemon slices (optional)Method:

In an iron skillet, heat oil and butter over medium heat. If you are using your skillet on a grill, you will be ready just as the butter starts to foam.

Add the garlic and sauté for 1-2 minutes, until the minced garlic starts to color nicely and it smells like a bit of garlic heaven. Add the shrimp and bay leaves and sauté for 3 minutes.

Add all the herbs and peppers, give the ingredients in the pan a good stir to get everything mixed together and then add all the liquids.

Simmer 3-4 minutes, taking care not to overcook the shrimp. Sprinkle with nutmeg and give one final big stir. Serve immediately with crusty bread, garnishing with lemon slices if you are looking to impress someone.