Now that we have heard what Maurice Jones-Drew thinks, we can all sleep a little better. It seems the former Jaguars running back and current Raiders back up has plenty to say – most notably of the notion that an NFL team should become a permanent fixture in London. The former NFL rushing champion did not state whom he thought should become a fixture over the pond, but it noted that the Jaguars have contracted to play three more games in London over the next three seasons. It is also well documented that the Jaguars allowed the team’s second all-time rusher walk in free agency without attempting to re-sign the former UCLA great.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in June that the league 'ought to have a team there.' The latest person to weigh in is Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew who told that he thinks London 'deserves' an NFL team.

"You know what? I think they deserve one," Jones-Drew said. "It's just the toll it takes on the body because it's so hard to fly across the pond. I think the fans deserve it and London deserves it because it is a great city."

Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins has been on record as saying he thought it would happen within the next five seasons.

But now that appears owners and players are on the same page, how soon would it be before the thoughts actually become reality. One thing that Jones-Drew is concerned about centers around travel and logistics.

"My only worry is the toll it would take for a team to go back and forth and how would you get that done?" MJD said. "There are some things they would have to work on -- they might have to bring the Concorde back and cut that time in half. But you never know."

The Concorde, of course, was a supersonic passenger jet that could make a transatlantic trip in half the time of a standard passenger plane. The airliner was retired in 2003.

MJD and the Raiders could probably use a Concorde this year. Oakland will travel 36,106 miles this season, the most in the NFL and a number that's 10,000 miles more than the next closest team.

The Raiders 36,000 mile travel plans in 2014 will include a Week 4 trip to London to take on the Dolphins. That will game will be one of three that the NFL plays in England next season. The other two games include the Lions and Falcons in Week 8 and the Jaguars and Cowboys in Week 10.

Maurice Jones-Drew will be in London for a second straight season. Last year, the Jaguars and the 49ers played the annual NFL contest. San Francisco blistered Jacksonville, 42-10, giving Jacksonville its eighth straight loss of the year.