MJD The investigation into allegations that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew decked a St. Augustine nightclub security guard has been halted.

According to the Florida Times-Union, in a story by Kate Howard Perry and Vito Stellino, there will not be further action taken.

On  Tuesday, St. Johns County Assistant state attorney Christopher France filed an “announcement of no information” Tuesday, saying that the state intends not to proceed with charging the Jacksonville Jaguars running back with simple battery.

This means Jones-Drew, who has been working on rehabilitation of his foot in the off season, can concentrate on football and not the possibility of legal action by the state or punishment by the NFL or the Jaguars.

The online story also said Jones-Drew said in a statement that he is pleased with the result and looking forward to focusing on football.

“My rehab is going well and I’m anxious to join my teammates at the start of training camp,” Jones-Drew said.

In the Perry’s and Stelino’s story, it was the reported that “according to the state attorney’s investigative report, videos did have sound and the picture alone did not show who was involved in the altercation on the deck of the restaurant.”

The video did not show a proper account of who was security at the Conch House during the Memorial Day weekend party and who was not. The security guard, Kasim Howard was wearing a bright green t-shirt without any wording identifying him as security while the rest of the security staff was wearing orange.

The allegations against Jones-Drew were from an altercation that began between the running back’s friend and Howard after the friend was asked to leave a woman alone. The woman alleged that the friend of Jones-Drew was being inappropriate with her. Howard asked the man to stop, which turned into a scuffle (the man being held in a headlock by Howard) which led to allegedly Jones-Drew hitting Howard, knocking him out.

Again, this was all alleged behavior.

The story goes on to say, “The report includes an interview with Howard, who said he was “clocked” from the side and learned the next day that it was Jones-Drew.”

Now, with training camp only four weeks away and the Jaguars looking to improve on their 2-14 season, the team and Jones-Drew himself, can concentrate on winning football games. He has stated he will be ready in August when the team returns to EverBank Field for training camp.

This is not the only incident the Jaguars have had to deal with this off season. Receiver Justin Blackmon was suspended the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.