Maurice Jones-Drew’s alleged altercation with a security guard from a St. Augustine nightclub has now been turned over to the State Attorney's Office.

According to a story in the St. Augustine Record (, Sheldon Gardner reported “The department had been trying to schedule an interview with Jones-Drew before forwarding the case, according to the Florida Times-Union.”

The alleged altercation left the nightclub security with a dislocated jaw after the 5’7” running back alleged hit him, knocking him out cold.

Although this was an ongoing investigation by police and now will be looked at by the state to determine in the NFL player will be prosecuted, should Jones-Drew been more straightforward with the law?

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley stated last week that he and Jones-Drew have spoken since the incident and that MJD, who is in Miami rehabbing his injured foot so he can be ready for training camp in August, has kept him informed of everything that happened in the “incident.”

If I may, here are a few of my own thoughts about this case. Not knowing everything, I cannot speak as to what is right and what is wrong. I cannot say whether Jones-Drew should have been in that situation in the first place, mainly because a player’s “off time” is his own. But I have to think there is his side, the side of law officials, the side of the security guard and his attorney and then there is the truth and no matter how thin it gets, a pancake always has two sides. In this case, there are many.

I have to think there is a little bit of failure in the truth on Jones-Drew part. If there is nothing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was innocent on his part, then I would assume there would have been a meeting with the St. Augustine Police Department. Also, why has he not spoken to the local media and only to Jaguars’ officials? In many cases, athletes want to clear their name. Since he is such an outspoken athlete in other instances, wouldn’t he jump at the chance to speak up now?

As stated in Gardner’s story, “St. Augustine Police Department spokesman Mark Samson said information in the case was forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office on Friday morning. The State Attorney’s Office will handle the investigation from this point forward and officials there will decide whether to charge him with anything, Samson said.”

This cannot be a good thing for Jones-Drew or the Jaguars. This will undoubtedly involve the alleged video tape the attorney for the security guard has said will prove Jones-Drew’s involvement. It could also lead to an investigation by the NFL and fines for conduct violations and possible further action by the league. And then there is the issue of the “battery investigation” by local law enforcement. If legal charges are brought against Jones-Drew, then the Jaguars nor the league can stand by and not do anything about this.

As of now, A criminal complaint of misdemeanor battery was filed against Jones-Drew on May 28. However, he has not been charged with a crime. It would appear that could change in the next few days as the story online states.

And with that, the outlook on Jones-Drew’s season and the effect it could have on the Jaguars season may soon be known.