MJDIt does not take a rocket scientist to know exactly what is on the table concerning the Jacksonville Jaguars and their star running back, Maurice Jones-Drew.

While 2013 does not look to be an instant replay of the 2012 offseason, at some point, the two sides will have to sit down and discuss his future.

Hopefully, this is done sooner rather than later and the end result is a new deal that keeps No. 32 in a Jacksonville uniform until he retires.

This is MJD’s final year of his current deal.

The Jaguars could use a franchise tag on him at the end of the season if no new terms can be worked out. Having one of the top 5 runners in the league on your team and the 2011 NFL rushing leader as your “go-to” player is something the team knows is important in building a success.

Last season, MJD held out for 38 days during training camp, remained on the west coast of the country and talked about everything from appearing in ESPN the Magazine to breaking Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record.

The Jaguars were the furthest thing on his mind.

The fact Jones-Drew was injured six games into the season and virtually ended the Jaguars' running attack for the season is one reason he has been more in tune with what the team has been working on this season. A new structure in the offense, a new coach and a new philosophy may all contribute to that.

Also, it may have something to do with his desire to prove he is still the best runner in the NFL where there is some speculation he may be the third best in his division behind Arian Foster and Chris Johnson.

Don’t make this little man angry. Thirty-two teams did that in 2006 by not selecting him in the first round of the NFL Draft and he uses that as motivation to be the best at his position.

He was until he was injured last season against the Raiders.

Now, with a man who has not only been in Jacksonville, but also seems to be in tune with what is happening both on and off the field, August, his expected return date from his injury, cannot get here soon enough. If he can perform at a high level right away, the Jaguars will have another weapon at full strength to work with.

Talk about a new contract and his future with the franchise may just have to wait awhile. Jones-Drew could have other things on his mind, like winning.