Ahh, it seems like deja vu, doesn't it? Matt Flynn is available once again after being released by the good ol' Oakland Raiders.

Flynn's releasing isn't necessarily a shock, but I for sure didn't really expect it to happen, at least this early on in the season. Flynn was traded from the Seahawks--where he lost his job to Russell Wilson--in April to the Raiders, only to lose his job, this time, to Terrelle Pryor.

Flynn definitely didn't deserve the starting job in Oakland. He isn't a bad quarterback, but Pryor just brings more to the table. He has been executing with the Raiders' offense (many QB's fail to do this) in the air, and making plays on the ground with his legs, as well. Pryor has shocked the league so far this season, which was apparently enough for Oakland to end their experiment with Flynn.

Every releasing is just a new beginning, and with so many teams desperate for a quarterback to save their season, you would have to think they give Flynn a look. Let's look at five possible teams that could pick up Flynn.